Matthew always works to a very high standard and manages everything with great efficiently. Matthew has always met any deadlines I have given him on shows in the past. He has fantastic negotiating skills and collaborates well on any project that is thrown at him. Last year Matthew & I were working on a show at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone. We expected to have a flyman provided by the theatre but unfortunately no one turned up. The Hazlitt is a hemp house and has a tricky fly floor to get to grips with. Matthew didn’t hesitate when asked if he could fly the required pieces during the show. He showed amazing confidence and outstanding initiative during this gig. He also ended up doing a voiceover from backstage!

Matthew very rarely needs to be told what jobs need doing, he will always be two steps ahead, and he is extremely self motivated and brings innovative ideas to any discussion. Matthew has experienced many professional roles in the workplace and is an understanding team member and an efficient team leader. Matthew pays attention to the other departments around him and is able to assist in  any way he can. Matthew has always been on time; in fact often the earliest to arrive and even gets the coffees in (occasionally)! Matthew is a very professional and sensitive young man, his conduct is outstanding.

Matthew is quick to say he’s made a mistake (although this isn’t often) and usually has it rectified before anyone has noticed. He is always aware of other people’s opinions and is willing to give other team members ideas a try. Matthew has no problem with communicating in any way. He is one of the most confident and likeable people on any stage and in any situation. Matthew has worked for me on a number of jobs in the past two years. I think he is a great asset to any team and  I would not hesitate to employ him again in the future. In fact ...I think he’ll be employing me within the next 5 years!

Lisa Burton, Freelance Stage Manager

Matthew always strives to achieve a high standard of work that will benefit the show and those he is working with.He has a good awareness of what needs to be done and prioritises the jobs list to get the best results. I think working as Tech swing, Matthew has gained a very good insight and understanding of the workings of all departments which enables him to take different needs into account and plan how to get the best result for al involved.When working on a touring show that moves regularly you have to be able to manage local crew’s efficiently to get the show up on time and out again smoothly.Matthew has played a key role in this, taking on parts of the Lx get out and truck pack organinsing what is needed next and managing the crew to achieve a smooth and safe get out.If there is a job to be done Matthew will be in with plenty of time to spare to get it finished in time for the show and to a high standard.He takes pride in his work and it is recognised by his colleagues.Matthew has a strong sense of discipline both for himself and making sure that there is a professional, yet enjoyable atmosphere on stage.His time keeping is very good and will generally be early.Mathew has been eager to learn from the start and is always interested to hear what people think and the different methods of achieving the same goal.Matthew will always endeavour to be clear and concise in his opinions and instructions verbally and keeps detailed cue sheets making sure they are up to date. Matthew has been a valuable asset to the team on Fame and particularly to the Lx department.

I would happily work with him again and recommend him for other work.

John Delaney, Touring LX No 1

Working with Matthew has been a pleasure and I would be more than happy to work with him again, as well as putting him forward for other work positions. He has shown his skills to an impressive level to the point on his second week, the senior production sound engineer showed interest in offering Matthew freelance work. He has fitted in very well with the technical team on a professional, personal and social level. He is a valued member of the technical department that he works on and covers. His competence has made his training easy with his enthusiasm making teaching him actually pleasurable. Matthew shows a strong wiliness to learn and has never moaned  about his position or workload. Matthew is more than competent to be working on Fame the musical which is one of the highest profile uk touring shows and one of the uk’s longest running tours.

Andi Johnson, Production Sound Engineer